The Feather (Blue)

Product Description

The Feather is lubricated and inserted into the woman prion to intercourse, when the man enters her on top of The Feather she is tighter for him and because of the shape deeper he goes the more tension is exerted on the head of his penis and the for the woman he is push on to her G-spot and she enjoys a fuller sensation.


  1. Lubricate The Feather / G-Spoon with a water based lubricant and insert into her prior to intercourse.
  2. Insert the larger end, leaving some of the tapered end outside of her.
  3. Man enters the woman, fitting himself against the grooved surface of The Feather / G-Spoon.



  1. After intercourse, hold the tapered end of The Feather / G-Spoon, gently and slowly remove from her.
  2. On rare occasions, discomfort may occur during removal:


  • Should discomfort occur stop removal immediately
  • Lubricate finger, insert into her behind the head of The Feather / G-Spoon and allow some air to enter.
  • Gently and slowly remove The Feather / G-Spoon.



  • The Feather / G-Spoon can be attached to him with one or more rings and/or a condom prior to insertion.




  • Simply wash with soap and water before and after use.


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