Interactive Sex Machine No: 2 (White)

Product Description
2019 starts with a new product in our collection: a real simulator that will gives you the feeling to make love to your favorite pornstar watching her/his film. This product is simple to use, it gives one the best feelings combining rotation while thrusting back and forth. It will gives you the feeling of blowing, rubbing, twisting and squeezing. This product has 5 various speed mode, as well as 3 strokes mode.  In fully automatic mode, you will experience the surprise of the experience that your favorite adult content producer prepared for you This product is the first of a range of simulators. It has 2 modes Manual or fully automatic, driven by a video on your mobile device.  Manual will allow you to choose the type of strokes and their speeds you prefer. In full automatic mode, you will be immersed into the film of your choice. These video can be 2D or 360. if you have a Virtual Reality headset (google cardboard or Saumsung Gear), you will be living as a real porn actor for the time of the film, Feeling your favorite actress or actor... This product is safe, containing a rechargeable battery. 

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